Keith Cohen, Owner and Bread Architect



Our Recipe for Craft Breads

We use only the best ingredients available.

We source locally when possible and always opt for sustainable, natural and organic ingredients. 

We pay attention to our starters, levains, and bigas which are alive, growing and need constant care and nurturing.

We believe in long fermentation times to extract complex, delicious flavors.

We rely on people rather than machines. Our bakers — passionate craftsmen — follow our slow, proven ritual.  We follow traditional  rules of bread-making — hand shaping, cutting and baking.

We use our senses constantly. In the bakery, our hands act as our eyes. An ideal dough has the right mix of flour and water. A loaf out of the oven gives just the right amount of resistance when held. It fills the air with a memorable, timeless scent which says fresh baked, right here, right now.

We collaborate with like minded artisans who share these same values. Ideas for new breads come from anywhere.

When we taste something we like, we explore the possibilities.

We serve our neighbors. You'll find our bread on restaurant and dinner tables around New York City. You'll find us at farmer's markets in the region, nearly every week of the year. We are a trusted part of the families who enjoy our breads every day.

We stay informed. This helps us understand what our customers want, and helps us bake the right breads for the right time.

We trust each other to produce great breads, every day.

We always, always, always eat what we bake.

Today. 100 Years ago. Forever. 


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